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PCB Assembly Quote
This instant online quote only applies on prototype and low volume orders. All fields are required to be filled. If you need a quote for PCB fabrication, please click here.
Board Quantity
BOM lines
Double-sided SMT?
Lead-Free processing?
Fine Pitch
  • Bulk parts, cut-tape, or reels accepted.
  • Full engineering review.
  • To get an official quote, send your BOM list and Gerber files to One of our technical specialists will contact you within one business day.
Bittele Supports Cornell Uni Robotics Team with free pcb prototype
Bittele strategy climbs turnkey PCB assembly ladder
Bittele Electronics Expands Hard-to-Find Parts Sourcing Service
Bittele's DFM reduces your PCB Assembly Cost
Sample Bill of Materials (BOM)
Sample Assembly drawings
Standard Multi-layer PCB Stackup
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